Picture Books

Picture Books are loved by children, and the adults who share these books with them.  I like writing humourous character based stories.  Writing in rhyme, though challenging, is something I like to do.  I’m also exploring a couple of narrative non-fiction topics too.  I feel obliged to admit that I am to illustrating as a barbeque skewer is to a blow-up castle at a school fete, so I look forward to working with those who are far more capable than I am.

Junior Fiction

Graduating to chapter books that I could read independently opened up a whole new world for me.  In fact, a number of new worlds if I think about what I was reading.  I have recently begun writing for this age group and really enjoy the straight-to-the-point writing style necessary.  I look forward to writing junior fiction that will build confidence in newly emergent readers whilst giving them stories and characters that they can relate to and enjoy.

YA (Young Adult) Fiction

Some of the world’s best-selling books are YA novels.  Think the wizard with the broken glasses, a girl who wants to become a vampire, and some games that will never make it to the Olympics.  Writing YA fiction is a fine way to round off my writing efforts.  I was an avid reader all through my teens and am grateful to the authors who helped mould the young adult I became.  Some of the things I am passionate about are simply not suitable for picture books and junior fiction.  I would of course love to write the next best-seller that will be made into a film.  In the meantime I am enjoying tapping into my inner-teen to write for the YA audience.