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I grew up in a world full of adventure!  And I read extensively, I can not remember ever learning to read, thanks to Mum’s hard work when I was so young.  I lived on farms, and often visited family who lived on a sheep station.  Getting thrown out of the shearing shed onto a big pile of sheep poo was more fun than you would think.  On our family farm we had 2 cats, 2 dogs, 7 horses, a bunch of cows, heaps of wallabies, and loads of snakes – mostly deadly.  One day I’ll write the story of how my city aunty shot our complete collection of gumboots full of holes in an attempt to take out a particularly deadly snake.  Having so many non-human companions did wonders for my imagination, and many a story stemmed from being with the animals.  Beach adventures, of which were too numerous to count, also inspired many a tale.

I dilly-dally’ed with various career options before I began working in the world of Children’s Literature full-time at the beginning of 2011. I love my work and all that it entails including imaginary worlds, quirky characters, great books, amazing people and working with/for children.

Many accomplished Children’s Book Writers are also gifted illustrators. I feel obliged to admit that I am to illustrating as a barbeque skewer is to a blow-up castle at a school fete, so I look forward to working with those who are far more capable than I am.

Professional Memberships

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators – Associate Member

Queensland Writers Centre

Australian Society of Authors – associate member

Booklinks (QLD) Inc – The Centre for Children’s Literature

Children’s Book Council of Australia – QLD Branch


I grew up spoilt rotten in the food department. Everyone in my family can cook well, and love to do it as often as they can. Seeing as I mainly work from home I have easy access to my fridge and pantry. I have been known to take a ‘quick break’ from writing, and one and a half hours later my kitchen is covered with chocolate and almond biscotti (here’s the recipe – chocolate and almond biscotti). And when I have been writing for too long my home-made pizzas have been known to resemble book characters – it’s amazing what you can do with cut up vegetables!

My Dad let me take my first photo at the age of four. Since then I have invested heavily in my photography habit. I can lose hours and hours going through my collection, re-living moments that will never be lost to me. My walls are covered with photos of loved ones, and many of the places that I have travelled to, which brings me to my next hobby. . . .

I grew up in Australia, and it is a REALLY big country. So just going ‘down the road’ to visit the relatives was in fact a big journey. From my first road trips down the east coast of Australia playing “I spy with my little eye” to my numerous trips overseas, I have developed a deep love for packing a bag and going on adventures. Even now I still play “I spy with my little eye”.

Educational Escapades

I spent much of my first decade out of school getting an education. I was lucky to be an Exchange Student in Danmark for my first year out of school. I had a brilliant time, learned to speak Danish fluently, told many school groups about Australian life and our animals, and became an expert at crafting and throwing snowballs. After that I got a Degree in Business – Majoring in Advertising. Next on my list was a Post-Graduate Diploma in Film and Television Production. That was seriously fun, and I hope to use it one day in the Children’s TV arena. Finally I obtained a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults through Cambridge.


Sam-I-Am (and I actually know how to make green eggs and ham)

Samwich (given to me by a young friend at lunchtime)