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Interviewing Aussie Animals & Christmas Baking

The 1st of December is here!  I hope you are all feeling on top of your end of year preparations.  I for one am not, especially as I am going on a fabulous holiday in mid-December, so I feel like I have to cram a month’s work into half a month.   But as my Dad says, “there’s nothing to it but to do it”, so I find myself at my desk on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon.

I have been busy, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to.

Interviewing Aussie Animals

I’m working on a picture book that will have a few Aussie animal character in it.  For the purposes of authentic research, I recently visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary at the south end of the Gold Coast.  As the pictures below will attest, I got up close and personal with a few of them.  I found the Koala to be the most helpful, she gave me some good tips, yet appeared aloof when anyone passed by so as to not give the game away.  The Kangaroos were fairly lazy and not forthcoming, it was the hottest part of the day, so I will remember to set my book in the morning or evening when they are most active.  At first the emu was quite amenable, but when I asked him to pose for a photo he turned around and I thought I would lose an ear, see below.

Christmas Baking

I have a thing for cooking, any chance I get I’ll bake up a storm.   Christmas is one of the best times of year to bake, especially with all the Christmas parties happening.  I am attending the Book Links & CBCA – QLD Branch Christmas Party this afternoon so yesterday I thought I would bake my first ever batch of shortbread cookies.  I must be honest, they seem more like semi-burnt, severely-compacted croissants, but they are very delicious so are packed and ready.  I think the key thing is to never try a new recipe the afternoon before having to produce food that will sit alongside the creations of some of the best cooks in the Children’s Literature Industry in Brisbane.