Best Practice in Working with Volunteers

Absolutely brilliant thoughts on Best Practice in working with volunteers!


Library magic Library – one of the places I loved volunteering for – storytime at the local library

After my heart to heart blog yesterday about volunteering challenges, I want to go to the flipside and mention the 10 best practices which kept me volunteering for a long time and which would lead me to do it again (perhaps more when I retire though as I really have done so much of it and need to earn some money.  Hmm actually I still do a bit, it’s that big heart and needing to connect to people in a new place.)

1. Personality and virtues of the often paid supervisor: Some of the best volunteer experiences I have had, were due to the compassion and respect of the supervisors I worked alongside combined with the amazing event or community service that was provided.

2. Matching volunteer to talent: They checked out what my…

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3 responses to “Best Practice in Working with Volunteers

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this one Sam! I know you do some amazing volunteer work in your advocacy for literature.

    • June, this is absolute gold! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I certainly feel valued in everything I do. Together with a couple of Book Links people, I’m working on a massive project that will involve a large number of volunteers. I’d love to talk with you about using some (who am I kidding, I’d love to be able to use it all) of what you have here in this article. Congratulations! You really have nailed the concept of Best Practice.

  2. Orientation is so vital as spelling things out at the start helps everyone keep on track and make the most of what can be an amazing experience.

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