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Meet The Chaos Quad Kitties, herein known as, “The ChaoS’Quad Kitties” © Sam Sochacka 2015

Shhhhhhhhhh, they’re asleep!

This is the only hope I have of introducing you to the Chaos Quad Kitties, herein known as the “ChaoS’quad Kitties” © Sam Sochacka2015.

Let me give you an idea, this is me attempting to get the washing out of the machine:

See what I mean?!

So, their name.  I initially thought that they were the Chaos Quad Kitties.  However, after spending 48 hours with them, I realised that they are way more stealthy, and organised than that.  Hence, the  “ChaoS’quad Kitties”.  So yes, they are the Chaos Quad (there are four of them), but they are so good at creating chaos, that they deserve to be named as a ‘Squad’.  So, blend those ideas together, and you have  “ChaoS’quad Kitties”.

I was feeling fairly uninspired recently, so I thought the best way to ‘cure’ myself, was to foster some kitties.  These four, 12 week old, kittens have changed my life.  A whole world of creative endeavours has opened up, and it’s only been 48 hours……

I mean, look!  How can you not be inspired by this lot:

Anyway, I must away.  Time to clean up the kitty litter, and enjoy my last few minutes of quiet before the “ChaoS’quad Kitties” wake up.  AND it’s a full moon.  Oh no!

2015-07-29 11.33.34-1

(from left to right: Molly, Eddie, Max, and Sparky)

#TravellingKoala borrows backpack from #BristolBear

#TravellingKoala has caught up with an old friend, #BristolBear, and borrowed his backpack, as #TravellingKoala is ………… going travelling!

From the Family Archives – a complete set of the Sesame Street Library published in the 70’s

2014-09-14 12.26.47

My Dad recently gave me a box of books from the Family Archives, and look at what I discovered!  A complete set of the Sesame Street Library featuring the muppets.  The series features the numbers 1 – 15, and the letters A – Z.  They were published from 1971 – 1978.  The books have their fair share of wear and tear, but this is due to at least a decade of time spent in my sister’s and my hands being read over and over again.

I highly recommend that you hold on to your, and your children’s, childhood book collections, it is simply magic to rediscover them.  Check out the slideshow below for a look at all the covers in the series.

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I am to illustrating as a barbeque skewer is to a blow-up castle at a school fete, but….

52 week illustration challenge

I am more than at home at a keyboard for hours on end.  I can also weave some magic with a camera.  But when it comes to starting with a blank piece of paper and creating something, I am to illustrating as a barbeque skewer is to a blow-up castle at a school fete.

I have watched a wonderful illustration group go from strength to strength on Facebook this year.  The 52-Week Illustration Challenge was set up by Tania McCartney so she could return to illustration after a 20 year break.  There are now 2, 416 members!  Each week has a theme, and members submit their work to the group on Facebook.

Here is my first post, put up mere minutes ago…..

2014-09-17 14.06.49 (2)

Time to be brave…

Week 38. Giraffe.

This is my first time posting. I have admired this group from the safety of my writer’s desk as I am to illustrating as a barbeque skewer is to a blow-up castle at a school fete. A 10 year old friend and I were hanging out recently, and his Mum suggested we paint. He was not keen as he is a perfectionist and felt he couldn’t do it. So to encourage him, I explained my total lack of skills, and said I would have a go. I soon received a bunch of painting things as a birthday pressie, so I thought I would try some procrastipainting.

Water colours and markers on ‘German paper rough tooth’ – I have no idea what that means. The main giraffe is trying to step back from being painted by someone like me. And the little guy in the corner snuck into the pic so I could practise my brush skills, he’s a bit grumpy that he is not the feature.

I had an incredibly enjoyable morning getting this guy ready for his debut.  Check out some pictures from the process below:

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